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The Best Travel Guide To Alicante


Nestled in the southeast of the Spanish peninsula, Alicante, the tranquil and charming city of around 350,000 inhabitants is just the place you should be visiting to relax and take in the Sun.

Alicante is tucked discreetly between the capes of Santa Pola and Cabo de las Huertas, with the waters of the Mediterranean lapping its shores whilst bringing that sweet smelling breeze unique to this part of the world.

Blessed with pristine beaches which would beckon any sea lover the city offers many unique sites which would titillate the interest of every discerning visitor.

The Province of Alicante is home to the Costa Blanca or the “White Coast” which stretches 200 kilometers from the northern town of Denia to Pilar de la Horadada in the south.

Visitors would be awed with the picturesque setting of this quaint city which has everything on offer to keep anybody of any age entertained and in high spirits throughout the day.

Visiting Alicante around mid June would put you at the center of four days of lush entertainment with the Festival of the Forgueres de Saint Joan.

During the festival fireworks, bonfires and many other forms of entertainment pervades the air which is world renowned for its flamboyance in color and exuberance.

The weather in Alicante

Summer moves into Alicante during the period May/June through to September/October where the thermometer rises to around thirty (30) degrees centigrade during the day and dropping to about twenty (20) degrees in the nights.

The highest would be recorded during July and August with the other summer months keeping a sedate temperature which is what has captivated many visitors.

The other months on either side of the calendar has a very moderate average temperature with highs rising up to around twenty (20) and lows to about seven (7) degrees centigrade respectively.

The right time to visit Alicante would be when all the activities would take place especially the festivals and other cultural events which bring a sense of euphoria all round the locality.

How to get to Alicante?

The Alicante airport is well served by many international flights regularly landing here and bringing drones of visitors to soak in the Sun on the sand, with the occasional dip in the warm waters.

Flying into Alicante from the United Kingdom is very convenient with most airports flying direct flights regularly ensuring easy access all through the year.

Situated a stone throw away at only twelve (12) kilometers south west of the city center the airport is well served by clean, regular and efficient public and private transport systems.

Enjoying all that Alicante has to offer

If you want to soak in the suburbs of Alicante one interesting way would be to rent a car in Alicante and take a leisurely drive from the airport to your hotel.

The airport is well served by many reputed companies from where you could rent a car in Alicante and is you so desire to keep it for the duration of your stay.

Roads are decently maintained and traffic could be at snail’s pace during rush hour in the city center but other than that if you are on the road at the right times a cool drive is what you could expect.

It would not drain your pocket out to rent a car in Alicante as the choices of cars is immense and procuring one that would suit your budget and the number of persons accompanying you would not be a difficult task.

To be independent and move around Alicante whenever you would want to the best choice would be to rent a car in Alicante, which would give enough flexibility to visit most of the sites in your own time.

If you rent a car in Alicante you could take the time to visit most of the outlying areas of the province because there are ample places to take the heart of many a vistor.

Some of the best places to visit

A salubrious and picture perfect place to get a 360 degree view of the Alicante city below would be to get to El Macho, where the scenic beauty would capture anyone’s imagination.

Located just beside the ruins of the ninth century Castillo de Santa Barbara and sitting atop Mount Benacantil, the castle fortress is impressive in its own right, and a must see for all those who love medieval history.

If you would want to cleanse your mind then there is no better place than the Cathedral San Nicolas the original place of worship in this historical city, which has attracted devotees since the early 1600’s.

A prison during the late 17th century has now been converted to a museum which holds everything in Contemporary Art unique to this part of the world which welcomes discerning visitors.

Those visitors who want to dig into the past of this region need not take a shovel around but could walk into the history rich Archaeological Museum, with a collection of about 15,000 exhibits.

There are many other cultural and historical sites which make Alicante one of the best places to visit which is also bestowed with great weather, sandy beaches and a warm sea.

Choice of Cuisine

Gourmet food is what we all like and Alicante is universally famous for dishing out authentic Spanish Mediterranean cuisine of the highest standards.

There is nothing left out as the sea beckons most of the inhabitants around this region and seafood is their top choice and what they dish out would linger in everyone’s palate.

The food selection is wide and varied dishing out some exotic preparations which historically combines the best of Europe and that of Africa.

A lifetime experience

The Province of Alicante in general and the city, in particular, have been historically the gateway into North Africa and mainland Europe, for those travelling by sea from the south.

Alicante has a proud history to offer, coupled with good fair weather all year round which entices travelers to pick a visit here at least once in their lifetimes.

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5 Must Do Activities When In Cairns, Australia

sunny 24 °C

Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Cairns, a city in the north of the state of Queensland, Australia, is still quite a mystery to many people. It was established in 1876 as a base for miners who were working in the Hodgkinson River Goldfield. Cairns today generates a huge amount in tourism and there are a range of hotel and accommodation options which can be booked on such websites as Totally Australia Hotel Accommodation, Booking.com and Home Away. Visitors come to Cairns mainly for its tropical climate but there are other attractions that Cairns has to offer, there’s a bike trail that attracts families who like to keep fit while having fun, there’s also several places to go swimming as Cairns is a coastal town and swimming and beach life is inherent to the Australian way of life. When it comes to leaving Cairns, you’ll find you might not want to leave, however here are 5 things that should look into when visiting Cairns.

1. Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon

As previously said, swimming is as natural as breathing in Australia and Cairns delivers the goods on this front. The Esplanade Swimming lagoon is fantastic place for families. Kids can play in the saltwater lagoons that overlook the trinity shore inlet and even build sandcastles. The saltwater is pumped in and filtered and chlorinated so it is safe to play in and is fun for all ages.

2. North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures

If you are of the active persuasion and would prefer to bike on your holiday, the North Queensland Trail Bike adventures is something that the whole family can enjoy. Explore some of North Queensland’s world heritage listed sites on two wheels on this off road trail adventure. There are excellent guides who will make sure you don’t get lost and they will show you some excellent sites and wildlife on this adventure. The bikes are outfitted with long range fuel tanks so you can ride for a long time without stopping, although you’re going to want to stop and take in all the wonderful scenery that Queensland is offering you.

3. Cairns Botanic Gardens

In a lush, Tropical climate you are going to have things grow that are so beautiful that they have to be preserved. At the Cairns Botanic Gardens, these are all on display for those who have green fingers, or those who just enjoy admiring the pretty flowers and the kaleidoscope of colours that are on offer. A highlight of the Cairns Botanic Gardens is the boarded rainforest walk which many find a tranquil setting that is perfect for quiet contemplation.

4. Red Arrow Walk

If you enjoy walking, then this trail is perfect. Used by many locals to exercise, Red Arrow walk is mainly for those who enjoy a good ramble that’s not too taxing. You can progress further on the trail, into the Blue Arrow Walk, but that is much more difficult and can be a challenge to those who are not experienced ramblers. This walk is also not recommended for heavy smokers or people who have severe asthma. If you feel up to it though, the view from the lookout point is spectacular and this is a major attraction and reward for one’s efforts.

5. The Great Barrier Reef

Finally, one of the most fascinating things about Australia and indeed, the world in general is the Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef system, the Barrier was constructed by billions of tiny organisms known as Coral Polyps. These Polyps are what make up the reef and it can be seen from outer space. A large part of the reef is under protection so the impact of humanity has been limited to a small area, this applies to fishing and tourism. So a lot of the marine life can be safe and live out a natural lifespan. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef can be visited and there are regular trips that leave from Cairns daily. On these trips, you can expect to be amazed by one of the world’s best glimpses at marine life in their natural habitat, you might even spot a few sharks. It’s no wonder that this is one of the seven natural wonders of the world as it just adds to the mystery of Cairns and Australia.

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